Patron Hospital


Professor Heliodor Swiecicki appeared the first time in the history of the hospital In the interwar period. Born in Srem (some biographers claim that, however, in Poznan). In 1854, he finished his medical studies in Wroclaw, Leipzig, Dresden, Jena and Erlangen. After he graduated he specialized in gynecology and obstetrics. He became famous as a very talented doctor , and at the same time he was a theoretician and a research scientist. After many travels and multiple change of place of business, in 1883 he eventually settled in Poznan and opened his own clinic in the palace Działyński in the Old Market. Then there was even a humorous opinion that it would be necessary to change the silhouette of a pelican, at the top of the building on the figure of a stork. (Polish myths says that stork brings newborns)

Financially independent and very active socially Heliodor Swiecicki has become one of the most well-known and respected physicians in Poznan. What is important he was one of the few Poles from the Prussian partition, with the degree of professor (obtained in 1913), what immediately put him at the top of the Poznan science.

Was particularly active in the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences - in 1915 he became it's president. Directed the Department of Medicine, he edited "Medical News", was the founder of the Foundation Learning and Work. Fascinated by the figure of Dr. Karol Marcinkowski, Święcicki twice (in 1910 and 1923) has led to the exhumation of the doctor and social well-deserved. Together with Fr. Boleslaw Kościelskim initiated the organization of the Crypt of the Meritorious Wielkopolska, that called "Skalka of Poznań" . No wonder that in 1919 it stood at the head of the committee for the creation of the University of Poznan, and in May became rector of the university. Guided by a professional, rational judgment, not a national prejudices, he was strongly opposed the idea to take Diakonis their hospital and give facility for the Faculty of Medicine at the university.

In 1947 he was proclaimed patron of Heliodor Swiecicki Hospital at the intersection of Grunwald and S. Przybyszewskiego. He died in June 1923 year.