Strefa pacjenta

Patient paid diagnostic tests

The cash desk of the Hospital

Open: 7:15 am – 07:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone. +48 61 869 1736



Sample collection point

Heliodor Święcicki Clinical Hospital in Poznan

ul. Przybyszewskiego 49

60-355 Poznań

Entry E (at the Central Endoscopic Lab)


Open: 7:15 am - 02:15 pm, Monday to Friday.


After 02:15 samples for lab examinations can be collected in the Central Admission Room, at the Pre-Surgery Diagnostics Centre.



Patient information

CLAB patient information

Information for Neurochemistry and Neuropathology patients

Information for Immunology of Pemphigoid Diseases and Colagenoses Lab and Immunochemistry Lab patients

CLM patient information

ZPK patients information



Price list

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